NSW Fair Trading has introduced a new Code of Conduct for short-term rentals to start rolling out on December 18. It’s a welcome step in increasing trust and confidence with renting short-term accommodation. It sets up a standard of practice for hosts, guests, booking platforms like Airbnb and letting agents like Guest Realty.

It also includes two registers to record anyone found to be in breach of the code of conduct in a ‘two strikes and you’re out’ policy.

  • The Exclusion Register records any guests and hosts who do not comply with the Code of Conduct. They will be banned from booking a hosting or booking a short-term rental for five years. Other penalties including fines may also apply.
  • The Short-Term Rental Accommodation Register is for hosts and booking platforms. This will ensure that all properties are properly registered with NSW Fair Trading and guests will be able to see registration numbers on all platform listings.

But what does this mean for you to make sure you’re compliant with the code of conduct?

For Guests

The Code of Conduct standardises good guest behaviour across the state.

Under the Code of Conduct, guests must:

  • Mind the noise they make so that it does not unreasonably disrupt, harm or offend the neighbours
  • Not cause damage to the property including in the strata building or neighbouring properties
  • Not act in a violent or threatening manner towards neighbours or other occupants of their premises
  • Be responsible for any additional guests and visitors

Some property owners may have additional requirements around things like smoking or additional guests that – alongside this code -should be made clear while booking.

For Property Owners

This Code of Conduct is particularly great with strengthening protections for property owners against noisy and disrespectful guests. But this also means added responsibilities on the property owners to ensure that the code can be upheld.

Under the new Code of Conduct, property owners must:

  • Have insurance that covers liability for third party injuries and death
  • Provide guests contact details of them (or their letting agent), emergency electrician, plumber and Australian emergency services.
  • Ensure the neighbours can contact them (or their letting agent) every day between 8am and 5pm to report any issues or concerns
  • Reasonably screen guests before they book to ensure they are not recorded on the new exclusion register
  • Make the guests aware of the code of conduct and their obligations

How Guest Realty can help

For the full Code of Conduct, you’re welcome to read through it here. But we get it, it can all look like a lot. So get in touch with our team at Guest Realty and see what we can do for you.

For Guest Realty, we welcome the introduction of the Code of Conduct to standardise the security and experience for both hosts and guests. These are standards that we’ve long since maintained for our clients and can help you implement.

  • We are available 24/7 so both guests and neighbours can get in touch with any problems
  • Our concierge service ensures that your guests move into their short-term rental with all information they need – from the Code of Conduct and relevant numbers to get in service to how they can best enjoy their stay in Sydney
  • We provide expert advice for our property owners on security and insurance to make sure your policies are compliant
  • We manage your listings and registrations to ensure you’re on the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Register
  • Our guest screening process ensures that only verified guests (and those not on the exclusion register) can book
  • We are property managers through and through – this is our field and this is our passion. The latest news, trends, changes to the code of conduct – we are on it and helping our clients navigate through.

Want to learn more? Book your introductory call today with our expert team.