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Being distinctly Sydney doesn’t just mean knowing the local area as a property manager. To us, it means being a part of the fabric of this city and sharing in the collective story. And Sydney’s story for the past 12 months has had its fair share of plot twists.

From bushfires to floods to the pandemic and the strain of constant, changing restrictions, the economy has taken a major hit – and in particular, the tourism industry and local businesses.

As a boutique property management agency, we’re keenly aware of these effects. The reality within the accommodation and tourism industry were dealt double blows at the end of 2020. During the Christmas and New Years break, border closures have yet again taken 80-90% of business away and hopeful travellers had to cancel their holiday homes and travel plans with only a moments notice. The boost many local businesses, restaurants and bars were hoping to receive – not just from a return to relative normalcy but also with the holiday season – disappeared. 

Of course, many of these factors are outside of our control. Who could’ve ever predicted 2020 to shape up how it did, nor do we really know what to anticipate in the coming year. But one thing is for certain, the need to support local businesses has never been more important for Australia. 

1. Shop small and local

Small, local businesses around Sydney have been hit particularly hard after 2020. This is the time to spend your money where it will make the difference – with local makers and brands that are dotted all around our city.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you don’t have to look abroad to find some incredible luxe pieces in some of Sydney’s best boutiques. The likes of Aje, Alice McCall, Manning Cartell and Zimmerman have made their mark globally and yet call our local shores their home. And you can discover them and more in-person at the gorgeous boutiques like Tuchuzy just off Bondi Beach or Incu in the city centre.

If you’re looking for unique artisans and makers, Buy from the Bush have collated some of the most unique and exciting pieces, particularly from bushfire-affected towns. You’ll find everything from one-of-a-kind art to essentials from the whole family.

And even when you’re looking for the day-to-day things like your groceries, electronics and everything in between, prioritising local, independent stores are a great option over the big conglomerates that really don’t need any help.

2. Dine locally

Dining out (safely) or ordering takeaway is a brilliant way to support one of the hardest-hit industries from the past year – and a chance to take a break from cooking.

Sydney boasts an incredible, diverse food scene. Celebrating local produce and drawing inspiration from the world’s cuisines, you’ll find amazing gems from your local coffee store to some of the world’s best fine-dining experiences with world-class, Aussie chefs.

Some of our top picks give you the best that Sydney has to offer – a unique menu, great drinks pairings and a fantastic dining experience in beautiful decor and an unbeatable view:

  • Nomad in Sydney’s Surry Hills brings Meditteranean fare to new levels. Their inventive, seasonal menu continues to surprise and delight diners with every bite. With a focus on local produce and Australia’s lesser-known wines, it’s like a trip around the world with the Spanish, Morrocan and Middle Eastern flavours all from the comfort of home.
  • When you’re talking about views, nothing can really beat Aria that overlooks the Sydney harbour. Its creative celebration of Australian produce and pairings with some of the country’s best wines has earned itself to of the coveted chef’s hat every year since 2013.
  • Ormeggio at the Spit was already well-regarded and award-winning for its great views and even better Australian menu. But the revamped restaurant that reopened in 2020 is arguably even better, with a bright, open dining room and beautiful, marble cocktail and gelato bar. Discover the best of Italian fare, from the long apertivo hours to its Southern Italy-inspired menu so you can transplant yourself to Italy without leaving our shores.
  • For the quintessential, beachside brunch, you can’t go past Speedos in North Bondi. The “world’s most Instagrammable cafe” is a favourite amongst local residents and visitors who come for the beautiful menu and unrivalled views. We’ve spent many a morning starting our day right at Speedos and it’s a top recommendation for our guests staying in the heart of one of Sydney’ amazing beaches.

And if you want your dinner to do even more for the local community, many eateries are going a step further to pay it forward to those who are struggling.

  • Colombo Social serves contemporary Sri Lankan food and has always been driven by a profit-for-good approach to their restaurant. They support recent refugees by giving them jobs and donate two meals to someone who needs it with every meal purchased. At the height of the pandemic, they serve 2000 hot meals each day to vulnerable families, free of charge.
  • Butter is well-known for it’s unique fried chicken, champagne and sneaker pairings. But now add a “pay it forward” initiative, allowing their customers to purchase a $20 voucher that goes towards making two free meals for those who need it, and I don’t know, what else you’d be looking for!
  • Nutie Donuts won’t just satisfy your sweet spot with their delicious donuts. Your giving heart will also feel fulfilled with one of their pay-it-forward packs that put together their daily specials of donuts and dinner packs for families in need.

For more tips on local restaurants you can’t miss on a Sydney staycation, follow us on Instagram.

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3. Book that staycation

With international travel still off the cards, exploring our own backyard has never been a better option. And Sydney is a fantastic place to explore. With the beaches, the bush and arts and culture to explore in the centre, there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re on a family holiday or just need an escape from your home/office/only place you’ve seen all year!

And when you book local, independent holiday homes like those listed with Guest Realty, you’re helping families just like yours that are struggling to adjust to this new world. And there are many more advantages to booking locally than just feeling good about helping out a local business. Finding a perfect rental means you’ll get to enjoy properties that are in the beating heart of Sydney so you get the full local experience. You’ll move into a place that feels immediately at home, that will have the unique character of a boutique hotel without the hidden costs for amenities and extras.

And look, we get it! It’s hard to think about booking ahead for any holidays, even domestically. But that’s why a personalised service like that which you’d get with Guest Realty is here to assist you if circumstances change.

Bondi Beach

Being distinctively Sydney means that we don’t just know this area for its property value, but all the joy there is to staying in Sydney. We’re passionate about helping our guests experience all that Sydney has to offer and our personalised service means that we can help them craft their perfect itineraries for whatever they may be looking for.

So start planning your next trip to Sydney and get in touch with our team to see how Guest Realty can help make it happen.

Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels