Doormat saying Home

So you’re planning your Sydney staycation and looking for a place to stay. And no doubt, you’ve got your list of preferences. Closer to the beach, or in the heart of Sydney? Just for you or do you need room for the kids? Maybe you’re looking or something quite specific like a pool or a place you can set up your home office. And all while wanting the guarantee that if plans need to change last minute, you’re not caught out in the lurch.

Hotels are usually central and easy to find, offering the full concierge and cleaning services to give you peace of mind. But, particularly with the introduction of Airbnb in 2008, short-term rentals have exploded with popularity. Hotels are no longer the default – even for a short trip away.

Travellers are increasingly prioritising finding a great rental over booking a hotel and we predict that this will only grow in the coming years. They are looking for something different – whether it’s a slower rate of travel or discovering more of their home country with domestic travel. And short-term rentals can meet many of these needs.

1. You get what you pay for: no hidden fees

Ever headed for check out and were surprised by the extra charges taking a bottle of water or laundry got added? Short-term rentals usually list their management fees upfront – whether that’s with platforms like Airbnb or booking agents like Guest Realty. And that most often makes for cheaper prices with short-term rentals.

2. Experience life as a local and explore some of the quieter suburbs of Sydney

Short-term rentals can pop up anywhere, not just in the main business districts or tourist hubs. So if you are looking for something off the beaten path, in a quieter city outside of Sydney or perhaps even close to friends and family who live locally – rentals give you many more options than a hotel.

Nestle into some of the amazing suburbs outside of the Sydney CBD and there’s plenty to explore. Secluded beaches, cosy cafes, diverse cuisine on every corner, hidden nooks and crannies to explore – it’s no wonder visitor’s sights are moving away from the usual Bondi lens and considering alternatives like Marrickville. After all, it does rank as one of the coolest suburbs in the world.


Mum and Daughter in bed

3. Keep the group together

Travelling with the whole family? Or even a bigger group? Short-term rentals are definitely the way to go. Save yourself the trouble of booking multiple hotel rooms and the extra costs involved with that and find yourself a large property that can house you all.

You get the luxury of having your own privacy and amenities shared only with people you know. It also makes social distancing from other guests and keeping you bubble safe together easier as we still face rapidly changing restrictions.

4. Immediately feel at home

Having your own space provides you with a lot more freedom (and amenities) to relax, enjoy each others’ company and of course cater for yourself. Just starting with the kitchen, you won’t have to eat out or order delivery for every meal but enjoy the best of the local produce from the comfort of your own space – as tempting as the local options may be.

And a great host may not leave a chocolate on your pillow, but they do offer a more personalised rental experience. At Guest Realty, each of our guests are greeted with a welcome pack with local gifts and plenty of recommendations for the local area.

5. Options are endless

We know that no two trips are ever the same – so your accommodation shouldn’t be run of the mill either. Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure; with family or a partner; want an outdoor space or maybe a nursery, you’re much more likely to find rentals more accommodating to those different needs.

Or maybe you’ll be surprised by a truly unique place – a converted warehouse that speaks to the history of the area or an artfully-designed apartment that transports you to another place, there is plenty to discover in a rental property.

6. Collect memories – not just reward points

A great advantage with hotels is that you often know exactly what you’re getting – particularly with the big brand hotels that you’ll recognise anywhere around the world. And with loyalty often comes perks and reward points.

But opting for a short-term rental is a unique experience that helps create memories you won’t forget – exactly what you’re looking for when you head to Sydney. And when you book with Guest Realty, you know you’re guaranteed professionally cleaned, top-of-the market luxury accommodations that suits your needs.

Our personal service starts from the moment you put in your booking, with flexible check-in options and 24/7 concierge from our friendly team, you’ll be able to relax in your new temporary home with ease.

So next time you’re headed to Sydney, consider a short-term rental. And be sure to get in touch to see how the Guest Realty team can help make finding your next home so much easier; and your stay that much more memorable.

Can’t wait and want a bit of travel inspiration? Browse our list of available properties here.


Header photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels