Platforms like Airbnb have made short-term rentals all the more popular and thus more competitive. How do you make your rental stand out against all the other properties?

While many people believe that location is everything with short-term, it only increases the competition in some of the local hotspots. Reviews play a major part in renters Airbnb search so it’s important to consider all the other five points on the scales: cleanliness, communication, check-in, accuracy, location and value.

At Guest Realty, we have been of the top-performing management companies on Airbnb and regularly endorsed by the head office. We were nominated to represent Airbnb on the ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Better Real Estate Podcast and here were some of our favourite tips that we shared with them.

1. Showcase your unique selling point

Do you have a car space? An amazing view of Sydney or an outdoor area? These are all things that short-term renters are looking for and can be a real selling point. Make sure you showcase these.

2. Put your guest’s comfort first

There are some classic essentials that can turn a house into a home – and should be front and centre. Consider the lighting – either blackout curtains to escape the blistering sun or a few extra lamps to brighten up the home. While WiFi, heating and cooling systems are necessities these days, a Smart TV with connection to streaming services can also be a nice addition to make the experience extra special for your guest.

3. Get the price right

Finding the right pricing for your short-term rental can be a difficult balancing act between remaining competitive and maximising your profit. There are many online tools available to help you gauge – or you can consult our experts who’s knowledge of Sydney makes it easy to strike the right balance.

4. Know the rules

Regulations for short-term rentals can change per local government. You might have to check with the relevant authorities, including your state if your property is in an apartment complex. There may also be other financial considerations, tax implications and insurances you need to know. Consider this your warning so you’re not blindsided if something goes wrong!

5. Add the personal touches

Ultimately, customer service can really change the game with short-term rentals. You want to ensure you are easily accessible to your clients – from responding to their enquiries in a timely fashion to being on-call if any issues arise during their stay. A gift basket with toiletries, wine and chocolates is a luxurious touch and a special way to welcome your guests.

To get the most out of your short-term rental, sometimes it just comes down to a bit of TLC to ensure your property is doing the best it can. And that’s why Guest Realty can come in and help you. We manage all the communication, management and listing of your short-term rentals and the results speak for themselves.

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